Crime Report for 1/2017

Dear All, I have attached our Crime Report for the first month of 2017.  For most of us our neighborhoods look pretty good.  However, there are definite “pockets” in District 6 that have more crimes occurring than I am sure not only those neighborhoods, but all of us wish to see happening.  We are very […]

Indianapolis Public Library CEO

On Feb. 7th, Jackie Nytes, Indianapolis Public Library CEO, visited Eagle Library on her first stop of Libraries that serve our area.  Councillor McHenry and Jackie had their picture taken in front of the posters that show Central Library downtown.  Jackie Nytes spoke about the many new and exciting programs and exhibits that are going […]


 Dear All, Just a reminder about our Winter Clean up on Saturday, Feb. 46th from 9:30 – 11:30.  We will be meeting at the Mayor’s Gardens Parking Lot just south of 56th Street on Reed Road.  We had such a successful clean-up in December, but we need to get back out there to make our […]