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Dear All,

Attached are the Crime Reports for the months of May and June.  Please take a look at the maps for both months.  It seems this year we have had a month that is “high” in incidents followed by a month that is “low” – no consistency in direction.  I know that we would all like to have the lower figures every month and have that be the trend.  Larceny is still the crimes that stand out in many of the neighborhoods.  One thing I hear from folks, not only in our district but other areas as well, is that they know of a neighbor or friend who had something stolen out of their car.  This could be a GPS, computer, money, etc.  Sometimes the car didn’t have to have the window broken, as it was left in the driveway unlocked.  Please remember to not leave anything of value in you vehicle, especially in plain sight.  Also, ALWAYS lock your car, even in your driveway, and remember not to leave your garage door opener in your car whenever it is parked.

We can send a message to those who walk through neighborhoods looking for a car outside that may make a “profitable” day for a criminal by keeping our cars locked and everything that someone may want to steal not in the car.  If everyone took those few extra moments to take things of value with them and lock the car when you get out, those looking to commit a crime would come up empty handed.  If they could not have a “profitable” day, hopefully they will go looking elsewhere.

Also, always keep your garage door closed (and locked) as well to help prevent someone from wandering off with some tools, bikes, or other items from your garage.  Even if you are working in your back yard, it only takes a couple of seconds for someone from the street to enter an open garage, grab something, and walk away without you seeing them.

And remember – IF IT DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT TO YOU, CALL 911!  Don’t hesitate to call 911 when something does not look right to you.  This is said at every Crime Watch Meeting and other public meetings related to crime prevention.  So, as Sergeant Matt Grimes always says, “If it doesn’t look right to you, it won’t look right to us, call 911.”


Janice McHenry

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