Crime report for July 2016

Dear All,

Attached is the July Crime Report for our District 6.  While many of our neighborhoods are very fortunate this month with no incidents or very few, there are way too many areas that saw multiple things happening in their neighborhoods or immediate area.  Again, I want to point out to everyone how many larcenies occurred (the light blue and tan “money bags” on the map).  These are ones that I cannot stress enough – you can help prevent these from happening.  I know that I have given tips each month on how you can be less likely to be a victim of a larceny, both at home and when out and about.  I do hope that you will review those tips and practice them.  Also, if you would also encourage your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to do the same it would help all of us.  This can go a long way in making our neighborhoods safer and keeping crime out.  When criminals can commit the “easy” crimes in a neighborhood they either can get braver or the word gets out and home invasions, robberies, etc. can then rise.

Below are parts of two emails I received during the last week in July from a couple of constituents about their experiences.  I wanted to share these with everyone and certainly appreciate both of them agreeing to me doing so.  I hope that you will not be the next one who emails me an experience such as this.

Just a note to let everyone know that I’ve had my leaf blower stolen out of my garage.

My own fault for not having locked the door AND having left the blower in view while doing yard work last week. Whoever is breaking into our houses must have seen it sitting on the lawn while I was doing other things, and known to come back when I was away.

Keep an eye out for strange vehicles cruising the neighborhood.

We had a theft Friday night where someone pulled up in a car just as my husband walked into the house (but didn’t shut the garage door) and the thief ran into the garage and stole a chain saw.  We fortunately caught him on video and reported it to the police.  

Remember, if you do notice something in your neighborhood that does not look right to you, call 911.  It is one way you may help prevent something from happening and also maybe get a criminal caught in the act.  Do not hesitate in calling 911.  It goes with what we are told no matter where we go – If you see something, say something!  Call 911.

Also, I want people to be extra careful in parking lots in shopping centers, etc.  There are a lot of people who wander around in these lots (even during the middle of the day) asking for money, etc.  It does not matter where in the area (even outside of the County) you are, this is happening.  Always check your surroundings and be observant of people in the lot before you get out of your car or as you are returning to your car.  Don’t get out or go to your car if you notice people walking around that don’t seem to be heading for the door or their vehicle.  Also, watch for people driving around and stopping and asking people for money as well.  I have personally experienced this several times recently at different places (not just in Marion County, either) and wanted to make you aware of what is happening.  Again, tell someone – call 911 if it is before you get out of your car and give them a good description of the person or persons doing it.  If you are coming out of a business, go back in a tell the manager.  I have even asked to have someone walk me back out to my car when this has happened.

By working together, using good common sense and taking precautions to make ourselves safer, and calling 911 when something does not look right to you we can make our District 6 a safer place to live, work, and play.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6cri2016

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