“Flap-Jacks 5K”

The “FlapJacks 5K” was held on August 20th to help raise money for the Far West B&O Trail, which will go through the southern part of District 6 when completed.  Councillor McHenry and two other volunteers are getting ready for the runners and walkers to come and sign in.

  As some of the participants crossed the finish line they are greeted by Wayne Township Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jeff Butts, who had already completed the race.


After completing the race, and before awards, all participates were treated to “Flap-Jacks Pancakes” prepared on grills by firemen and served with other goodies.  YUM!


And after the race was over, clean up began.  Councillor McHenry is putting away the tables just as the rain began.  Everyone was glad the rain held off until after the runners and walkers in the “Flap-Jacks 5K” had finished. 


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