Early Voting 2016

Dear All,

The end of Voter Registration for the November 8th election is quickly approaching.  If you or anyone in your household needs to register or re-register, the form is attached.  Or if you have a new neighbor or know of someone who has moved, please share this form.  Remember, if you have a new address or have changed your name, you need to re-register.  If someone in your house has turned 18, they can register, if they have not already.

The deadline for registrations to be in is October 11th, but I would have any in by October 1st to avoid last minute confusion or if something in not complete.  Read over the top section carefully and make sure that the form is filled out completely and signed in blue or black ink.  Also, note about proof of residence.

Mail the form directly to the Marion County Board of Voter Registration.  This address is on the second page of the form.  This does list all 92 Counties, so if you know of someone outside of Marion County, they can use the same form, but send to their County.  For everyone in Marion County please send your form to:

Marion County Board of Voter Registration
200 E. Washington Street W131
Indianapolis, IN  46204 

If you have any questions for them, their phone number is 327-5040.

Don’t forget, if you need to register or re-register the deadline is getting closer.  Take time to fill out the form and mail it in today!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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