IMPD’s Northwest District and Pike Fire Department recently
“teamed” up again this year for their Community/Safety Day.  This year
it was held inside at the Colt’s Complex on West 56th Street.  Many
community groups set up booths around the practice field and talked to
those in attendance about what they offer the community.

There were hot dogs and hamburgers served by IMPD officers, who
stopped long enough from their job to have their picture taken with
Councillor McHenry.

There were some activities for the boys and girls set up to let
them experience different things that they normally do not get to do in
a fun as well as educational way.


And on the Colt’s Practice Field, it wouldn’t be complete if
some of these activities were not about football, as these youngsters
try to “kick a field goal” through the arms of a high school football



IMPD’s Northwest District Sgt. Matt Grimes and Councillor Janice
McHenry have been talking about what an enjoyable time everyone is having.



Pike Fire Department’s Sam Bruner and Councillor Janice McHenry
give a “thumbs up” for a terrific event.

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