Shopping on “Black Friday” is not Councillor McHenry’s thing, so
she decided to turn that day into a volunteer project by cleaning up
some of the 56th Street Greenway Trail. She was not alone on this
project, and pictured is a couple who came out and helped as well.


Janice McHenry is pictured holding two of the bagfuls of trash
that she collected that day.



A clean up by the 56th Street and I – 465 bridge was suggested to Councillor McHenry by Kristina Knapp for the first Saturday in December.  They worked together in organizing this project and 25 people came out that day to help.  Pictured here is a group picking up by the wall.


 These ladies are cleaning up on one side of the bridge.


Councillor McHenry and another volunteer are getting the bags and other trash gathered in one spot to be picked up later.



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