Crime Report Nov 2016


Dear All,

Attached is the November Crime Report for our District 6.  While it is lower than what we had the last couple of months and most of the summer, it is not as low as last winter and spring.  With colder weather we probably will be lower again for the next few months.  I imagine you are all like me, and would like to see us be lower each month.  If everyone is being vigilant of your surroundings and looking out for your area we can make that happen.  Remember – never hesitate calling 911.  If you see something suspicious call 911.  Like they say – SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – CALL 911!

Also, I have attached IMPD’s Holiday Tips.  While many of you may be entirely done with your Christmas shopping, this is the week that is probably most hectic, and we are still going grocery shopping, etc.  So do be extremely cautious when you are out and about.  These tips not only apply to the holidays, but throughout the year.  In addition, be on the lookout for people either “checking out mailboxes” or canvasing neighborhoods for packages left on the porch by UPS, FedEx, or the mail.  I have heard of two neighborhoods in our district that have had some mail box thieves and one neighborhood that is no longer in our district but right next to it that had packages stolen off of a front porches.  We have heard as well about the people who follow the delivery trucks or go up on porches and steal packages on the news.  We don’t want our neighborhoods to be targets.  If you are expecting a package, keep your eyes out and if you are not going to be home when it is delivered, ask as neighbor to get it for you or make other arrangements with the delivery service.

I hope everyone has a safe Holiday Season.  Let’s continue to watch out for one another and remember – if it doesn’t look right to you, it won’t look right to IMPD – Call 911.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6



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