Dear All,

While the information about the Recycling Drop-off being moved from Northwestway Park does not affect most of you, there is other information about recycling that does pertain to the rest of the district, so I am sending this out to my entire list.  Those of you who live close or shop at the Speedway Kroger, you may take your recycling there.  It is on the south side of the building.  The  ones who shop at the Kroger on Rockville Road and Country Club Road, they have the recycling bins out toward Rockville Road.    Many churches and other organizations do paper recycling (the green and yellow bins).  Check out places close to you.  Remember, too, that you can take ALL recyclable items to the north end of Ben Davis High School (off of Girls School Road).  There are two large bins there that are emptied frequently.  You do need to go after school hours and on weekends.

While many of you do participate in curb side recycling, if you do not subscribe to that or you are not in an area that offers it yet, this is a terrific way to recycle conveniently when you go to the grocery store, or past Ben Davis High School.  For those who do not currently recycle, you would be surprised how much less trash you have each week.  And those who recycle with schools, churches, and other organizations – you are helping them as they make money off of what is recycled in their bins.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6


– The recycling drop-off site located at Northwestway Park at 5253 W. 62nd St has been moved to the Kroger at 5025 W 71st St. The drop-off site has been permanently relocated due to the high incidence of illegal dumping.

Residents who previously utilized the Northwestway Park location to drop off their recycling can visit the new site at 5025 W 71st St effective today. The drop-off is located on the North side of the Kroger parking lot, close to the gas stations and next to the Ray’s cardboard bins. Alternative nearby drop-off sites include:

  • Kroger at 2550 Lake Circle Dr
  • Broad Ripple Park at 6350 Evanston Ave
  • Kroger at 5620 Crawfordsville Rd

An interactive map and full list of recycling drop-off locations can be found here.

Residents who need to dispose of heavy trash or other non-recyclable waste items are encouraged to use the city’s $5 dump days at Citizen Transfer Station and review the city’s guidelines for curbside heavy trash pickup. More information on these programs can be found here.

SustainIndy is an initiative of the City of Indianapolis Office of Sustainability to engage the community in building the vision of a more sustainable city. Visit for more information.


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