National Night Out Against Crime 2017

Dear All,

It is hard to believe that we are just a few weeks away from schools starting and National Night Out Against Crime.  Attached is the registration form for “National Night Out Against Crime” from our Northwest District IMPD.  “National Night Out Against Crime” is on Tuesday, August 1st, this year and neighborhoods all across the Country participate on this same date.  Many of your neighborhoods have participated in the past.  For those of you who have not had a “National Night Out Against Crime” where you live, it is a chance for neighbors to get together in their neighborhoods, get to know one another better, and socialize.  In the past I know that we have had pitch-ins, pizza parties, desserts, cookouts, neighborhood walks, etc. in our district.  By registering your event with IMPD you let them know that you will be participating; then many of the officers in our Northwest District IMPD will do their best to stop in and say “Hello” and introduce themselves.  I hope many of your neighborhoods or even blocks will look over this information and if you have not already started planning you will do so very soon.

The Town of Clermont will be holding their annual National Night out from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Lions Club Park on Tansel Road.  This is put on by the Clermont Police Department.  They always have a huge turnout and a lot of fun.

Just a reminder.  If your neighborhood does not have a Crime Watch, or has not had a Crime Watch Meeting lately, how about setting one up with our new Crime Watch Specialist, Kim Taylor soon?  She would be glad to either get you started or arrange for someone to come out and speak to your neighborhood about crime and how your neighborhood can be less likely of being victims.  Her contact info is: (email) or 317-327-6572 (phone).

Please let me know if your neighborhood is having a National Night Out Against Crime event and I will do my best to stop by.  Remember to also register with our Northwest District IMPD.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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