Eagle Creek

Dear All,

As we start to change seasons, what better place to be than Eagle Creek Park!  Unfortunately summer will be drawing to a close soon – but the colorful glory of the trees will be worth many visits to Eagle Creek Park as each day will “paint” an new picture.  Check out the attached calendar for special happenings – there is a weekly story time as well as “Little Ducklings” for the little ones, the Migration Challenge for 6 – 12 year olds (this is a great program as it helps elementary age students to understand migration of birds and goes so well with a hands on approach to science that is learned in school), things for families, a Nature Photography Art Show, and a brand new, adults only event – BEEch Party.  Really a lot of great things going on for all ages.  Hope you will be able to visit Eagle Creek Park soon and often.  Please note that the Earth Discovery Center and Ornithology Center will be closed on Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who donated School Supplies at the gate houses in Eagle Creek Park.  The generosity and thoughtfulness of so many of you was greatly appreciated.  Supplies were delivered to 9 schools (two in Pike Township, two in Wayne Township, two in Speedway and three in IPS), all which serve boys and girls in our district.  The Principals and other staff members that I spoke with at these schools have been very appreciative.  They all have expressed how this is helping to meet a need and that these supplies will be put to excellent use.  The picture attached shows just some of the supplies as I was sorting them for the various schools.

While several years ago this started out by my husband and me purchasing supplies for the three schools that were currently in my old district, it has expanded to not only the schools that are physically in the district, but also the ones that the boys and girls who live in the district attend – thanks to many of you.  This would not be possible to give so much to so many schools without the help of so many of you who purchased school supplies and dropped them off at Eagle Creek Park.  It means a lot to a child who comes to school without their supplies and now they have items they need.  It helps them get their work done correctly and keeps them from having to borrow from other students or the teacher.  These things are so important to the success of a young boy or girl.

It is my hope to continue this and hopefully we will be able to give more to each of the schools next year.  Thanks again to those of you who brightened the day for a child and helped them get off to a good start at the beginning of the school year – whether it was through my program with Eagle Creek Park or through the many other programs that various churches and other organizations had of their own.

I hope many of you got to experience the eclipse in one way or another.  Thanks so much to Brittany Davis and her staff at Eagle Creek Park for having a “Viewing Party” that day at the beach, which was very well attended.  Some of the staff made “viewers” out of boxes for those in attendance to use and had cards that worked on white paper.  Many of the folks who came did have their own special “viewing glasses”, but enjoyed trying the other various methods as well.  While the camera did not capture the eclipse “up close and large”, it does give you an idea of what a fascinating day it was at Eagle Creek Park.

Remember, there are many things to see and do at Eagle Creek Park – a program or activity that they put on, visiting the Earth Discovery Center or Ornithology Center, or enjoying the trails, picnic areas, playground, views, etc.  Hope you will take advantage of our gem of a park that is “right in our backyard”.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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