School Supplies

Councillor McHenry would like to thank everyone who brought School Supplies to the Gate Houses at Eagle Creek Park for their generous donations.  These went to 10 schools in the area, and were very welcomed by the staff at those schools.  This picture shows the beginning of sorting the supplies as they were coming in.  Please look at the other pictures and story that goes with them.  Thanks again to everyone who donated.  I know that the schools who received these donations were very grateful and have expressed how this filled a need they had.

 Councillor McHenry is dividing up backpacks and pencil cases for 6 of the schools.

Sorting of pencils to put into equal piles comes next.

And we are getting close to boxing the supplies up.

 Once boxed supplies were loaded into the car, taking a few schools at a time.

 Deer Run in Pike Township was first.

 Followed by Eagle Creek Elementary, also in Pike Township.

Next came Wheeler in Speedway.

 Followed by Allison in Speedway.  Principal Jay Bedwell and Councillor McHenry taught together at one time and it is always fun to visit for a few minutes.

 Two schools in Wayne Township received boxes of supplies.  The first was North Wayne.

 And then Robey in Clermont.

 Next the three IPS Schools which serve students from Councillor McHenry district received supplies. The first was School #107, which actually sits in the district.

Then School #79.

And last was School #61.  Again, Councillor McHenry would like to thank everyone who made these donations possible.  Without the generosity of so many of you a lot of children would not have the supplies they need to be successful during this school year.  

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