District 6 Crime Report for September

Dear All,

Attached is our District 6 Crime Report for September.  I am always hopeful that this will be the month that Larcenies (both vehicle and other) will be down.  They make up just over 1/3 of our incidents on the report this month.  I also know that not all larcenies are reported to the police, and there are some “potential” larcenies as well – people who have been spotted testing car doors to see if unlocked or shinning flashlights into parked vehicles at night and seeing nothing walking away.  (Please do report all larcenies and suspicious activity to the police.)  There are 11 symbols on the map, and larcenies are only 2.  While larcenies are the less invasive and not violent crimes, they are the ones that you and I can help to prevent.  Bringing down these two crimes may also help bring down other crimes – as those who start with larcenies may then move on to burglaries, stealing vehicles, etc.  Larcenies are happening in all neighborhoods.  And as you hear on the nightly news, they are not limited to Marion County – but we hear about them in neighborhoods in Johnson, Hendricks, Hamilton, etc. Counties as well.  When we hear these reports on the news, what do we hear?  Either cars left unlocked or valuables (including purses and wallets) left inside.  Some people take the attitude, “It won’t happen to me.”  It can happen to anyone, and I am sure that those who do become a victim wish they would have taken precautions to be less likely of becoming a victim.  Below are some tips to help make yourself and your neighborhood safer.  After all, if they find one vehicle or home as an easy target when scouting out a neighborhood, they will look for more.  Please follow these simple precautions and pass them on to those in your neighborhood as well as other friends.  They may take a few extra minutes once in a while to do – but in the long run they are worth it.

Tips to be pro-active against Larcenies


1.)  Always lock your vehicle.

2.)  Never leave anything of value in your  vehicle.

3.)  Don’t leave coats, sacks, or anything that looks like it could be of value (or something of value under it) in your vehicle.

4.)  Take your keys and garage door opener with you.

5.)  Park in well lighted areas.

6.)  When going to the park or gym, put anything you take with you in the trunk before you leave home, not when you are going to park and leave your vehicle.  Also, don’t have in the car credit cards or money.  Keep your ID with you.


1.)  Make sure all lawn mowers, leaf blowers, tools, bikes, and other equipment and toys are in the garage or another secure place when not in use.

2.)  Keep your garage door closed when you are not in the garage or right beside it.

3.)  Have outside lights on at night (remember, it is getting dark earlier in the evenings and getting light later in the mornings and clouds make a difference as well).

4.)  All doors and windows to your house should be locked, even when you are home if not using them and right there by them.

Hopefully you will follow these precautions against crime and none of you will become a victim.  Remember, if you do become a victim, report it as soon as you discover it – to 911 if it is happening now or just happened and you feel they may still be in the area, to the non-emergency number at 317-327-3811 if it has already happened.  Also, call 911 if you see something suspicious.  By doing so you could help the police catch someone in the act or help prevent something from happening.  Don’t hesitate reporting an incident or something suspicious to 911.  By all of us in our neighborhoods or elsewhere working together and keeping an eye out we can not only help prevent crimes, but also it will become known to those committing the crimes to stay away from our neighborhoods as the police will be notified.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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