Tim Horton’s comes to the west side!

Tim Horton’s comes to the west side!

Tim Horton’s will be opening its first Central Indiana location at 8103 Rockville Road (just east of Country Club Road) next week.  This new store, owned and operated by the Indiana-based Luck Family of Brands, will offer breakfast and lunch food items – and they are known for their coffee.

On Jan. 22 – 24 they will be doing a “soft opening” while training their new staff and getting ready for opening day.  These three days they will be supporting several of our local nonprofits by giving a portion of sales to the organizations listed below:

Monday, Jan. 22: 6:00-10:00am Wayne Township Fire Department
11:00-3:00pm Chapel Glen Elementary School

Tuesday, Jan. 23: 6:00-10:00am Ben Davis High School Athletics
11:00-3:00pm Hendricks Regional Health YMCA
Wednesday, Jan. 24: 6:00-10:00am Wayne Township 4H
11:00-3:00pm Westside United Football Club

Please come and check out Tim Horton’s and help raise money for some of our local organizations.  I do have the two flyers (Wayne Township Fire & 4-H) that those organizations provided, however all 6 would appreciate your support.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6 

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