Flag Day

Dear All,

Today, June 14th, is a very special holiday, but one that seems “forgotten” in celebrating.  It is Flag Day, one that is seen on calendars or maybe stores having sales; however, one that is not talked about like most holidays.  In our Nation’s history the flag has meant a lot to so many people.  Our 15 starred flag that flew over Fort McHenry was what inspired Frances Scott Key to write what became our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.  It is the flag that has been carried into many battles.  We think of the statue of Iwo Jima and what it meant to those heroes.  Many of us remember when it was “planted”  on the moon.  The Pledge is said by school children and at the beginning of many meetings.  We fly it proudly on poles in front of and on buildings as well as homes all over our Country.  We see it in marching units in our parades.  So as we go about our daily routines today, take a moment to think about what the flag means to you and our Country.  Remember those who have fought bravely and proudly to defend it.  Take a moment to say the pledge, if only silently to yourself.

I have attached a history of Flag Day.  I hope that you do take time to read it.  When looking up the information I found it very interesting.  I have put together some of what I found out to share with all of you.



Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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