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Recently when Councillor McHenry, her husband, and a friend were out walking in part of her new district, they saw two officers and their horses out patrolling in the area.  Stopping to chat and thank them for their service, she and her husband posed with them. 


The Easter Egg Hunts that many organizations hosted for the children in the area are over, but the memories are still fresh in the minds of those who participate and had so much fun.  Councillor McHenry helped with the Clermont Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt again this year.  Here she is pictured handing out some coloring pages to take home for those in attendance.
DSC03767 DSC03797
What is an Easter Egg Hunt without the Easter Bunny?  The Easter Bunny was on hand to have pictures taken and shake hands with the children.  Thanks goes out to all who helped make this (and other Easter Egg Hunts) so much fun for the children who participated.
 The Easter Bunny arrived, along with IMPD Officers who came to help out.  Councillor McHenry is posing with them.
Two of the officers and their horses came out to see what was going on and visit with the children.  Councillor McHenry enjoyed seeing them once again out in this area.

There were prizes given away, including two bikes.  The boys and girls (along with their parents) are anxiously awaiting to see if their number is called.  Thanks goes out to those who organized and helped make this (and all other) Easter Egg Hunts such a delight for the boys and girls who attended.

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