ISO Class 1 rating

Dear Wayne Township Residents,

Please see the terrific news below about the ISO Class 1 rating that our Wayne Township Fire Department recently received word of achieving.  We are the 320th fire department in the nation to obtained this recognition.  Out of all the fire departments in our state only 1 other (the other being our Pike Township Fire Department) has received this rating.  A big congratulations goes to our Wayne Township Fire Department and everyone who worked hard to make this happen!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6




Subject:     ISO EvaluationAs many of you know a few years ago Trustee Harris asked the Administration to look into what it takes to improve our ISO rating of Class 3. At the time Operations Chief Dillon, Firefighter Wymer and several others were tasked to evaluate our last rating in 2012 and see how we could improve our next evaluation that should be coming in 2018.

The team put together some recommendations which include Target Solutions, equipment for reserve apparatus and some other record keeping and training requirements.
On Friday I received their report and I am excited to announce that we are now an ISO Class 1 Fire Department. Getting an ISO Class 1 rating is a big accomplishment and one more reason everyone should be proud to be part of the Wayne Township Fire Department.

WTFD will be the 2nd Class 1 fire department in the State of Indiana and 320th in the USA.

When the rating takes effect in the near future this will also change how insurance is rated for homes and businesses in Wayne Township. The ISO class 1 rating will save homes in our service area some money but will save Business a significant amount of money.

Thank you to everyone that has worked hard to improve our rating.

Gene Konzen
Fire Chief
Wayne Township Fire Department
700 North High School Road
Indianapolis, IN. 46214


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