Yard signs

Dear All,

The spring flowers are popping up and blooming, and haven’t they been a beautiful, welcome sight?  Now it is time for something else to be “sprouting,” and that is yard signs for the upcoming election.  As you know, the election is just over a week away (May 5th), and while I have no one running against me in the primary, I do have an opponent in the fall.  I would like to get out as many yard signs as possible for the spring election just to make sure everyone is aware that I am running this year and I do need their support.  I am hoping that many of you will be able to help by placing a yard sign in your yard.  If I can place a sign in your yard, please let me know.  I do need the address as well as your name as I may not be the one delivering these.  Just let me know and I will see that you get one in the next few days.

Remember that the district has changed.  I have attached a map of the New District 6, which I am running in.  The area in yellow on the map is the New District 6.  Boundaries have changed a lot, so please do look at the map so you know if you are still in my district or if you are new to the district.  I really hate to lose so many of you and your neighborhoods, as I have gotten to know so many of you, and certainly appreciate the support you have given me in a lot of ways.  Remember, I am still your Councillor until January and am here for you even if you are not in my new district.  I am really looking forward to learning my new neighborhoods and getting to know the residents who live in them.  I have enjoyed walking in most of the new areas already and finding things out about them.  I do hope that we can develop the friendships that I have made in the old district as well.

I know that many of you do not like signs in your yard or you may live in a neighborhood that frowns on signage of any type.  I fully understand.  There are other ways you can help, just let me know if you are interested.  But most importantly I would like to ask for your vote.  If I am not on your ballot for the primary, I will be in November.  I hope I can count on your support, especially in November, so I can represent the New District 6 and the City of Indianapolis for the next four years.

Don’t forget to let me know soon if you would like a sign (or if you have one in your garage from before, please put it out).  Thanks so much!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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