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Councillor Janice McHenry and one of the volunteers are posing by some of the bags of trash that were picked up at the corner of Raceway Road and 56th Street.As groups of volunteers on 56th Street came together to mark the finishing point in that area, final pieces of trash are put into bags.  The “56 Volunteers on 56th Street” really did make a big difference in this area and a huge THANKS goes out to everyone who helped clear this area of litter.

Several of the cleanup volunteers started off on the north side of the causeway.  This part of the group picked up trash and other debris on both sides of the causeway.  Two of IMPD’s Northwest District Officers were also on hand to slow traffic and help keep the volunteers safe. Councillor Janice McHenry and Mary Chalmers, Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison, are pulling out an old sign from the weeds on the west side of the reservoir.
There were 56 volunteers who came out to cleanup West 56th Street from the Eagle Creek Park Office to Raceway Road on April 11th.  Pictured here are some of those volunteers listening to welcoming instructions as they prepare to get down to business.
 The end of March started many neighborhood cleanups in District 6.  A group from The Island Community took on the challenge of Dandy Trail from Eagle Creek to 34th Street.  One of the volunteers is holding up a “treasure” that was found.
Some of the residents who were helping, along with Councillor McHenry, take a break to look at the camera.

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