Indy Snow Force and no trash collection on Tuesday, December 25th

Dear All,

There will be no trash collection on Tuesday, December 25th for the Christmas Holiday.  If you have Tuesday pickup your trash will be picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday will have their collection Thursday, Thursday is on Friday, and Friday will be on Saturday.  The same will be true next week for the Tuesday, January 1st holiday.  Please make a note of this and forward it on to others who may not be on my email list and receiving this information.

While the weather outside is – well, nice – snow and ice will probably be around sooner and more than most will like.  Attached is the Indy Snow Force information sheet on the most frequently asked questions about snow removal and who is responsible.  It really does have a lot of valuable information.  Our district is very unique – with some of our roads falling under the responsibility of the State Highway Department (INDOT), our western boundary belonging to Hendricks County,  Speedway and Clermont being responsible for roads in their area, and the fact that we are not all under  DPW (Indianapolis’ Department of Public Works) jurisdiction.  The information on the attachment tells about that and a lot more, including information about homeowners and property owners responsibilities on sidewalks and access to mailboxes.  Read over it, as it does tell things you may not already be aware of.

As always, please feel free to share this information with others who may not be receiving it.  I really do appreciate it when people help spread the word on things that are useful to others, not only in our district but in our area.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6        

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