“Light up Your Summer”

DSC04389Indy Parks recently hosted “Light up Your Summer” at Garfield Park.  The various parks in the Indy Parks System had booths where they showcased activities, programs, etc. that are offered so that people could learn more about what Indy Parks has available at their various locations.


Councillor Janice McHenry and Eagle Creek Park Manager Brittany Davis have two of the native animal furs that were available for children to look at, touch, and examine.  This gives children a chance to learn more about wild animals that are in our enviornment in a safe way.



There were also some live animals for viewing as well.  We see one of the park employees holding a snake.  Some other live animals there included a toad, turtle, and an owl.



As the evening came to a close, the highlight of the evening was the lighting of the fountains


Before leaving Councillor McHenry stopped by one of the fountains to have her picture taken

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