Tuesday, May 7th, is primary election day. 

Dear All,

Tuesday, May 7th, is primary election day.  I would like to encourage everyone to get out and vote!  While starting this election cycle you may vote at any election site in Marion County, I know most of you will still want to vote where you have in the past, or close to home.  Below are the voting locations that those of you in District 6 have voted at in the past.  We still have the same sites as we did last fall, but I wanted you to have those locations before you head out to vote on Tuesday.

In addition to these locations there is also the elementary school (IPS Lew Wallace School #107) at 3307 Ashway Drive, which is in the middle of one of our neighborhoods, but is not where you have voted in the past.  If that is more convenient for you, then you may vote there.

I do want to point out to those who live at The Islands or Windham and have voted south of the bridge that you can vote at North Wayne Elementary School (6950 W. 34th Street).  They vote on the east side of the building in the gym.  During school start time and school end time there is a lot of traffic, but other than that it is not hard to get in and out.  This may be easier than going to your old location with the bridge out.  However you may still go to your old polling location as they are still a polling site.

This is the Municipal Elections.  You will be voting for Mayor, City-County Council, and some Town Board races.  Also, for those of you who live in the MSD of Wayne Township, you will be voting on the School Referendum, which is very important to those in Wayne Township Schools.

Remember, for the primary you do have to declare a party and you will only be voting for those running in that party.  I know that I will not be on everyone’s ballot for the primary and you will not be able to vote for me on Tuesday.  However, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for your vote in November.  I would really appreciate your support.

I will be at the polls on Tuesday.  Hope you will be there as well!  Maybe we will see each other then.


Janice McHenry

City-County Councillor District 6





Location Name


29-01 , 29-08


Charity Baptist Church

3470 N High School Rd

29-03 , 29-09 , 29-10


IPS Northwest High School

5525 W 34th St

29-05 , 29-11 , 29-12 , 29-13


IPS Clarence Farrington School #61

4326 Patricia St

PI-09 , PI-18


Pike Twp Fire Station #62 (old #112)

7002 Lafayette Rd

PI-25 , PI-44


Eagle Creek Golf Training Bldg

8802 W 56th St

PI-34 , PI-35


Oaks of Eagle Creek Apartments

5483 Holly Springs Dr W

PI-41 , PI-42 , PI-46 , PI-47


Eagle Creek Elementary

6905 W 46th St

WY-01 , WY-02


Lions Club Park

3201 Tansel Rd

WY-03 , WY-04 , WY-07


North Wayne School

6950 W 34th St



Harrison at Eagle Valley

3060 Valley Farms Rd



Wayne Twp Fire Dept Station #85

7981 W Crawfordsville Rd

WY-08 , WY-09


John Knox Presbyterian Church

3000 N High School Rd

WY-10 , WY-15


Speedway High School

5357 W 25th St

WY-11 , WY-12


Robey Elementary School

8700 W 30th St

WY-13 , WY-14 , WY-18


Chapel Rock Christian Church

2020 N Girls School Rd

WY-16 , WY-22


Westside Garden Plaza

8616 W 10th St

WY-17 , WY-23 , WY-24 , WY-31 , WY-40


Ben Davis High School

1200 N Girls School Rd


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