Trees had been placed by KIB the day before, they were ready to be planted, but then came the rains.  Would the volunteers come out and help get the trees in the ground?

 Yes!  A large group of all ages showed up ready to learn to properly plant a tree and get the job done.

 The first tree is in the ground and now everyone is ready to get to work.

Two ladies are taking their tree out of the container.


 Another group is getting ready to dig the hole.

#1372 – What a difference there is now that all the trees are planted.

Robey Principal Ben Markley, Organizer of project and Clermont Town Board’s Mike Beam, President of Clermont Town Board Nancy Baxter, and City-County Councillor Janice McHenry want to thank everyone for their dedication to this project and braving the weather for the future of Robey Park.

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