May and Indy 500 wrap up….

What was it like at the Indianapolis 500 in 1948?

Pagoda in 1948 –  The Pagoda looked a lot different in 1948 than it looks today, as did a lot of other things at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  This is a picture taken on Race Day 71 years ago.  Did you recognize it as being the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

1948 Ladies at the race – Councillor McHenry’s Aunt and Mother were in attendance at the race in 1948.  With the Pagoda and the stands in the background you can see how much it has changed.  Note, too, how the ladies are dressed, complete with gloves (and those were not to keep their hands warm)!

1948 Race Group picture – After the race Councillor McHenry’s father, mother, aunt, and uncle posed for the camera in the parking lot in front of the car they drove to the race.  For those interested in history:  The pole speed was 130.577 mph and held by Rex Mays; the race was won by Mauri Rose and the average speed of the race was 119.814 mph.


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