Pike Township Fire Department

Dear All,

Are you aware that Pike Township Fire Department is planning on ending its Dive Team?  This was announced in April and was on Channel 6 and Channel 13 News at that time.  Pike Township has the largest body of water entirely in Marion County here at Eagle Creek.  How many neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and business areas have retention ponds?  Do you think that a dive team is needed in case of a drowning or a vehicle enters the water?

Should the community be “in the loop” when such a decision is considered, before it is too late?  Come out and learn more and let your thoughts on this be known.

Pike Township Residents Association (PTRA) is having this discussion as a focus of their next meeting, which is coming up Wednesday, June 12th.  The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Pike Township Government Center located 5665 Lafayette Road (north east side of Lafayette Road and off of 56th Street behind the gas station).

This is late notice, so would you help PTRA spread the word about this meeting?  Please forward this information to your neighborhood groups and to anyone in Pike Township.  This will affect all of Pike Township, not just those of you in District 6.  Any help you can give getting information out to Pike Township residents will be greatly appreciated.

Please see the card below from PTRA about this meeting.


Janice McHenry

City-County Councillor District 6  

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