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There have been many organized cleanups in District 6 since April 12th, and certainly would like to thank once again everyone who has been participating in them or going out on your own and picking up an area.  This truly does make a difference, even though thoughtless people continue to litter.  The first one after the 56th Street Causeway and West Cleanup was a small one the day before “The Great Indy Cleanups” started in our area.  A group got together to get a head start in an area by Reed Road, some who could not help the next day.

 Clermont had their Town Cleanup on April 13th.

 The neighbors off of W. 46th Street did all along Raceway Road north of I – 74 and to W. 52nd Street along with W. 46th Street also on April 13th.

 Eagle Creek Woods finished up along Reed Road and W. 56th Street as well as sprucing up their own neighborhood.


 Just one of four truck loads of trash which was placed in a dumpster that was collected along 34th Street from I – 465 west to Dandy Trail.  Neighbors living in that area came out during the Great Indy Cleanup on April 13th to tackle this area and really made a difference.

Another large cleanup occurred on April 26th.  One group of volunteers that day cleaned up along 71st Street starting at the Eagle Creek Park Entrance west of I – 65 and ending up almost to I – 465.  The other group started at 71st Street and headed south on Lafayette Road.  While not getting completely to 65th Street, most of that area was covered.

 They had quite a few truckloads of trash as well, and this empty truck is getting ready to pick up more of the trash bags that were filled and placed for pickup.

 In May we were back along 56th Street from Dandy Trail east to I – 465 and along Reed Road.  We are checking out some different trash grabbers as we prepare to get to work.– June did not work out for any organized cleanups due to the rainy weather we had and the standing water that was in so many areas.  We did start off the month of July with a cleanup along 56th Street and Reed Road once again.  A dozen people came out and after we finished several of those gathered by one of the piles of trash we had picked up.  Be watching for our next cleanup, which will be coming soon.  In the meantime, help by picking up an area close to your home or in a park nearby.


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