Police night out

DSC04611The first of August many neighborhoods participated in National Night Out Against Crime.  Different types of gatherings occurred and Councillor McHenry visited different ones in her district.  In Summerfield they had a pitch in at the HOA President’s home.  Pictured are the hostess and Janice.

Parc Estates North had a Pizza Party for their National Night Out Against Crime event.  Pictured are some of the homeowners who attended their gathering along with Councillor McHenry.

More residents of Parc Estates North who were in attendance posed for the camera with Janice.

DSC04612 Clermont had their annual National Night Out Against Crime for the area around their Town.  They also had many of those who work with keeping us safe there with equipment and activities.  Councillor Janice McHenry, Kasey (the dog) and her trainer smile for the camera.

DSC04615The highlight at Clermont is when the children with water balloons and the police officers with “silly string” see who can have the most fun.  Chief Dulworth has a huge smile on his face as he is ready to spray silly string before he gets hit with a water balloon.


DSC04628Not sure who was having the most fun – Clermont Police Officers or the boys and girls.  The one thing that was obvious, everyone seemed to want more when all the balloons were thrown and the cans of silly string were emptied.  Just have to wait until National Night Out Against Crime next

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