Councillor McHenry and her friends get ready to hand out flags

 What a great day for the Clermont Parade!  The weather was great.  As Councillor McHenry and her volunteers get ready to start they gathered for a group photo.

 The group is ready to make sure everyone along the parade route has a flag as they head out.


After handing out flags to a group of spectators there is a short area where there are not people watching and our group can take a “rest”.

 Soon the reviewing stand came into view.

 Councillor McHenry and her friends get ready to hand out flags to those sitting in front of Clermont’s Town Hall.

 Councillor McHenry stops and talks as she is handing out flags.

 More flags are being handed out.

Family Karate was the unit behind Councillor McHenry and her volunteers.

Some of the group stopped for a photo along the parade route.

 After the parade, photos were taken of other units.  The Grand Marshal posed with some scouts that were in the parade.

 Some Girl Scouts were promoting Robey Park.

 Really a terrific parade.  Thanks to the Clermont Lions Club and especially to Nancy Baxter for bringing it back again this year.

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