Eagle Creek Bridge on Dandy Trail

Dear All,

Last week everyone was excited when they started pouring concrete on the Eagle Creek Bridge on Dandy Trail.  It certainly looked like they were going to be on schedule.  Then I started receiving a lot of inquiries about the opening date, because people had heard it was going to be delayed.  I immediately contacted Steve Hardiman with DPW on this.  He still was given the information to me as being on schedule.  I kept after him due to everything I was hearing and forwarding him the emails I was receiving.  Today he sent me the information below and we have also discussed it by phone.  This is beyond my control, and since it is Federal Money, INDOT  seems to have the control.  I know we all do want to make sure that this bridge does hold up and last like it should as well.

I know this is very disappointing to everyone.  We have all been having to take different routes for far too long.  It is hard to get from many places in the area with traffic and other factors.  I experience this almost daily like many of you.  Remember, this is not anything I can control.  Unfortunately, DPW has not been kept updated too well either.  While I know this is an inconvenience for all of us, we did want this bridge replaced and I know that we want to make sure it is safe and will stand up to its life expectancy.

Hi Janice,

Our engineering team has been able to accurately determine and provide an update of exactly what is happening regarding the Dandy Trail Bridge opening.  This is the latest update and can be shared with area stakeholders and your constituents.

In their original schedule, DPW contractor ICC Group for project BM-15-006 (Dandy Trail over Big Eagle Creek) planned to pour the deck for this bridge using slag cement; concrete poured using this compound does not require the final product to be sealed, which generally saves time. An INDOT standard requires pouring concrete with slag cement by October 14 in order to account for the effect of falling temperatures on concrete. However, ICC Group was not able to pour until last week, generally meaning that—by INDOT standard—several weeks of additional time is needed to allow concrete to cure before final sealing. Indy DPW reviewed contractor progress last week to determine if we might recommend that slag cement could be used after all, for the sake of a speedier completion. But, given the already falling temperatures, and the fact that it will ultimately be INDOT that decides on whether or not to waive the October 14 standard, DPW has decided to err on the side of caution and recommend that the contractor seal the bridge deck. The contractor’s new schedule now anticipates that the bridge will be open for traffic by mid-December, and DPW will be recommending that INDOT assess liquidated damages from contractor ICC for the delay in reopening.

Please let me know of any questions or concerns that you may have about this Janice.



Steven R. Hardiman II
City-County Council Liaison and Executive Assistant
Department of Public Works – City of Indianapolis
steve.hardiman@indy.gov P: (317) 327-2053
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Thanks so much for your understanding on this and other projects on our roads and highways.  While it is an inconvenience for all of us, the results in the end will be a benefit to our area for years to come.


Janice McHenry

City-County Councillor District 6  



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