Indianapolis Leaf Collection Begins on November 11

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It is time for Fall Leaf Collection to begin.  My husband and I were out gathering some of our leaves today and getting them bagged for next week.  Starting on Monday, and for the next four weeks, everyone can put up to 40 plastic bags of leaves out each week to be picked up.  Do keep these away from your trash cart, and please no trash with the leaves as they are going to be composted at the South Side Landfill.  Please do make sure that you also clean the curbs and the storm drains of leaves and debris as well.  Normal trash along with leaf collection will run on Veterans Day.  More information is below.

Have you ever taken a tour of the South Side Landfill?  It is really a fascinating place.  Check it out by clicking on “South Side Landfill”.  This is a terrific opportunity for scouts, school field trips, other youth groups, as well as adult organizations who want to learn more.  They also have some great puzzle pages and other educational items.  I know many of you enjoy crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.  so look at these for something new to do.

Feel free to forward this information on to others.  It pertains to our entire area, except for Speedway, which has its own trash and yard waste collections.


Janice McHenry – City-County Councillor District 6

Indianapolis Leaf Collection Begins on November 11

INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, November 11, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin collecting bagged leaves through Friday, December 6. Residents can leave out up to 40 bags of leaves per week during the four-week collection period.
Leaf collection dates coincide with the time of year when the most leaves are determined to fall from trees. DPW works with the Purdue Extension to determine the four-week collection period. DPW’s leaf collection service is offered at no additional cost to residents.
Here are a few guidelines to follow during leaf collection:

  • Place leaves in plastic bags. Paper bags can deteriorate and break apart in wet weather.
  • Keep bags at least three feet away from your trash cart for easy pickup.
  • Leaf bags should be outside by 7 a.m. on your normal trash day.

While raking leaves, DPW asks that residents clear leaves from storm drain inlets to prevent drainage and flooding problems. Residents are also asked not to rake leaves into the streets, which will cause issues for city street sweepers.
Last year, DPW collected about 4,800 tons of leaves from Marion County residents. As in years past, the collected leaves are taken to the South Side Landfill where they are composted. Residents can pick up the resulting mulch in the spring at no cost.
The first day of leaf collection falls on Veterans Day. Trash pick up, including leaf collection service, will run as normal.
Other things to keep in mind this fall season:

  • Burning leaves is illegal in Marion County. Try composting as an alternative to traditional raking and bagging.

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