Little Libraries in the district

With schools being out for Christmas Vacation, Councillor Janice McHenry wanted to help make sure that children keep reading.  Over the weekend she visited 6 Little Libraries in the district and put 6 children’s Christmas books in each one.  The first library she visited is the one her husband built and they put in Faculty Park on west 34th Street.

 The next one they visited was close by in front of a home.  Councillor McHenry wants to thank the person who designed and put this Little Library there for the neighborhood.

 Meadowood Park was the next stop.  This Little Library was gone for a while, but now it is back and has a great variety of books.

 Another neighborhood Little Library was next.  It was fun seeing it decorated for Christmas.  What a terrific idea!

 Miller Park in Clermont was the next stop.  While not in the picture, there is a bench next to the Little Library where in nice weather you could sit and read as you select a book.

The last stop was in another neighborhood.  Thanks to everyone who has made and placed or takes care of the Little Libraries not only in District 6, but throughout the area.  This is a great way to share books after you are done with them and get new books to read.  Check out one near you!  Councillor McHenry hopes that more Little Libraries will appear in neighborhoods and public areas on the west side.  Happy reading!


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