Trash Clean-up

Dear All,

While we cannot have organized cleanups currently, that does not mean that individuals cannot go out on their own and pick up trash.  This is something that you can do and not be around others.  We all know there are plenty of areas that are in need of some TLC, and a lot of those areas are very close to all of our homes.  Many of you do go out on walks (or runs) anyway.  Some of you who don’t usually walk on our trails, in our parks, or other areas may be out and about now for exercise and fresh air.  Take either a couple of grocery bags or trash bags with you when you go out for your walk, run, or being out of doors.  You can fill it up as you go or fill it up before heading home after a walk or run.  Some of the areas that we do on our organized cleanups are a great place to start.  Many intersections end up with a lot of trash.  Look around and find an area close to you and help clean up our west side.  While we cannot do cleanups as a group, as individuals we can still make a huge difference in our area.  Thanks to those of you who already do pick up on your own – hopefully many more of you will follow their examples.


Janice McHenry            

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