25th Street and High School Road in Speedway

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Intersection improvements are being made at 25th Street and High School Road in Speedway starting next week.  This will help improve the traffic flow and safety along there.  Below is the Press Release from the Town of Speedway that gives the details as to the restrictions that will be in place during construction, what changes will be made, along with a map with some details.  Hope this is helpful to you, especially those of you who travel this way.


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Changes to Traffic Patterns Due to 25th & High School Road Construction
July 2nd, 2020
Lane restrictions will begin next week for the intersection improvements along N. High School Road in Speedway. Drivers should expect lane restrictions and delays during construction over the next month. Traffic is anticipated to remain open with restrictions along High School Rd. during construction.
These intersection changes are projected to significantly improve the traffic flow and rating for the intersection at 25th and High School Road, which is currently reported as an F-grade intersection for traffic and safety. The new intersection lights will be installed to sync with the Crawfordsville Road lights, allowing the sensors to talk to one another and create smooth traffic patterns.
The following three improvements have been listed as part of this ongoing project:
  • A dedicated right turn-lane onto High School Road from westbound Crawfordsville Road, completed earlier this year.
  • A traffic light-controlled intersection at 25th Street and High School Road with dedicated turn lanes onto 25th Street and into the entrance of the new development is planned. Pedestrian crosswalks with walk buttons and signals will also be added to help pedestrians and bikers cross safely.
  • A new median will be installed along High School Road preventing traffic from crossing over the busy road. The north extension of this median will prevent cars from turning left onto High School from Schoolwood Drive, creating a new traffic pattern requiring cars to enter onto Schoolwood Drive by turning right going northbound, only.
Current traffic and commuter restrictions are as follows:
25th & High School – Temporary Lane Restrictions
  • No Left Turns: westbound 25th Street turning left onto southbound High School Rd
  • No Left Turns: southbound High School Rd turning left onto eastbound 25th St
Schoolwood & High School Rd – Permanent Lane Change
  • No Left Turns: southbound High School Rd turning left onto Schoolwood Drive
  • No Left Turns: westbound Schoolwood Drive turning left onto High School Rd
Crawfordsville Rd & High School – Temporary Lane Restrictions
  • Reduced to One Left Turn Lane: eastbound Crawfordsville Rd turning left onto High School Rd
No Commercial Thru Traffic on 25th Street
  • 25th & High School construction will prevent commercial trucks from being able to turn. As such, no commercial thru traffic will be allowed along 25th Street during this time with the exception of deliveries to local businesses.
IndyGo Buses – Temporary Detour, Route Changes, and Moved Stops
  • IndyGo Buses will run on a detour during construction. The detour will bypass the 25th & High School Rd intersection by continuing on Parkwood Dr. to Hickorywood Dr. instead of using 25th Street. New temporary bus stops will be added at Hickorywood Drive and High School.
Please continue to check social media and the Town of Speedway’s website for details and further lane restrictions as needed. Town officials ask residents and commuters to please seek alternate routes when possible during construction, slow your speed, and stay alert when driving through the work zone.
For questions or media inquiries, please contact:
Kelly Buck, Director of Communications
kbuck@speedwayin.gov | 317.246.4120

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