Indianapolis 500 will be much different

Dear All,

This year the Indianapolis 500 will be much different for all, especially those of us here on the west side.  Those who enjoy the race will be watching it on T.V. instead of in person, or maybe you are like my mother who followed it on the radio each year and now can watch it on TV at home.  Those of us on the west side will not need to plan how we get around the Speedway area or I-465 before and after the race (and on other days) due to traffic.  Unfortunately for businesses and many organizations we will not have all the race fans in town who visit restaurants, hotels, stores, and park their cars.  For those who enjoy people watching and many of the other festivities that the 500 usually means, this will not happen.  There are still ways to “Embrace ‘500’ Spirit” though.  The article below tells more and encourages you to go to: for additional information.  Check it out before we hear those famous words to “Start Your Engines”.


Janice McHenry

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