Just a reminder that

Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday at 2 a.m.

Make sure you turn back your clocks an hour before going to bed tonight (Saturday).
Everyone will get to sleep an extra hour tomorrow (Sunday) morning!!!!!!
Also, please take time to check your smoke detectors and change your batteries if you have one that still requires regular
batteries as you change your clocks.  This is a terrific time to make sure all smoke detectors are working properly.

Remember, it will be getting dark an hour earlier starting tomorrow and we will be losing light each evening as well.  Please watch for children playing outside, people walking their dogs, joggers, runners, walkers, bike riders, and especially children and adults at bus stops.  If you are going to be out doing any activities toward dusk, dawn, or when it is dark, make sure you have on light colored clothing, reflective clothing, lights, etc. so that you can be seen.  Make sure children are dressed accordingly as well.


Janice McHenry


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