Pike Township Government Center

Dear All,

Are you aware of that there is a recycling bin at the Pike Township Government Center located at 5665 Lafayette Road? The bin is on the north side of the building. You may recycle clean paper, cardboard, glass containers, cans, and plastics. Do not put into the bin any trash, plastic bags, styrofoam, or anything hazardous. This is a great opportunity to have another option for recycling besides the bins behind the Kroger at the corner of Rockville Road and Country Club Road or the recycling bin at Ben Davis High School. Remember a lot of churches, schools, and our libraries also have the green and yellow paper recycling bins for all of your newspaper, office paper, magazines, junk mail, etc. These are all available for you to use for recycling. Hope you will take advantage of ways to keep items that can be recycled out of trash and the chance to be used for other purposes.


Janice McHenry


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