Dear All,

SUNSHINE! Wasn’t it wonderful today, so bright and cheery! Listening to the weather forecast for the next two day, it sounds positive as well – almost getting to 50 degrees.

I am sure most of you are like me and have noticed that the trash is getting worse along our roadways. I know that some of you have been out picking up trash recently, as you can tell where you have been. With the nice weather that is predicted the next two days, and the sun setting at 5:42 (that is a huge difference from 5:19 last month), how about more of us getting out and picking up a bag or two of trash before it gets cold and winter like again? While I still am not comfortable organizing a group to work together – we can all work individually and accomplish a lot and make a huge difference in the area.

Think about around your neighborhood and the area where you live. Is there a bridge, corner, or along the right-of-way that needs that TLC? Do you live close to a park or trail that needs some attention? How about taking a trash bag out during the next couple of days and filling it up? You may not think one bag will make a difference, but it will, especially if enough of us gets out and picks up that one bag!

Hope that many of you will get out and enjoy the weather and do something positive for our area. If you take any pictures, please share with me.


Janice McHenry

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