Swearing-in Ceremony

On December 30th, Councillor Janice McHenry had a private Swearing-in Ceremony with some of those who worked hard to get her re-elected. State Senator Mike Young administered the oath.  Not only is he a constituent of District 6, but also one of her volunteers.  Councillor McHenry considers him instrumental in getting her involved in “grass […]

Councillor Janice McHenry received a certificate

Councillors Janice McHenry and Michael McQuillen are proudly holding up their certificates for having perfect attendance for Council and Committee Meetings in 2015.  Councillor Janice McHenry received a certificate at the last Council Meeting of the year for perfect attendance at every Council Meeting and Committee Meeting.  Councillor McHenry has received this award every since […]

Tree planting

    And then the tree planting began. The Indy Eleven Soccer Team purchased 36 of the trees that were planted, representing the number of goals they scored in 2015.  Several of the team as well as friends of the Indy Eleven came out to volunteer planting the trees as well.  Councillor McHenry is working […]

halloween pic

The Clermont Lions Club had their annual Children’s Halloween Party.  There was plenty of food and activities for the children, but the highlight is always the costume contest.  One age group of children is parading in front of the judges hoping that they will be one of the winners. After the party was over Lion’s […]

Town Hall Meeting

At Councillor McHenry’s recent Town Hall Meeting, City Controller Matt Kimmick did a presentation on the proposed 2016 City/County Budget.  Those in attendance listed attentively and asked many good questions. Part of the presentation was a power point to help illustrate some of the important items that help make up the budget for  Indianapolis. The […]