Hobie Beach

Volunteers painted the posts at Hobie Beach this week.  This will not only make them look better and easier for those boating to see as they are coming into the beach, but will also make them last longer.  Councillor McHenry is doing some touch-up work to make sure all the rust is covered. #5543 – […]

Job Fair

Dear All, Do you know of someone who is looking for a job, or maybe looking for a different job than they have now?  How about new graduates or even students who are looking for part time work?  Next week there are two Job Fairs that are on the west side of Indianapolis.  These are […]

Crime Report March 2016

Dear All, Attached is the Crime Report for the current District 6 for the month of March.  This is our 3rd Crime Report for this year.  While vehicle larcenies have “moved” around a bit to different neighborhoods, we have stayed pretty consistent in the number of crimes committed.Wednesday evening I was at the Northwest District […]

“Great Indy Cleanup”

  Participation in the “Great Indy Cleanup” started on April 2nd in District 6.  That morning a group of residents from “The Islands” gathered to pick up trash along Dandy Trail from Eagle Creek to 34th Street. Before they got started there were a lot of cans, plastic bottles, paper, and cardboard in the bushes […]

April 4th is the last day you can register for the May 3rd Primary Election.

  Dear All, April 4th is the last day you can register for the May 3rd Primary Election.  I have attached a voter’s registration.  You can also register online at:    https://indianavoters.in.gov/PublicSite/PublicMain.aspx.     I have heard that it is better to register on line, as it does not take as long.  If you have moved […]

West Side Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The most recent West Side Chamber of Commerce Meeting was held at Praxair in Speedway.  After networking and a presentation about Praxair, those in attendance went in small groups on a tour of part of the plant.  While still wearing their safety glasses, this group of women leaders from Indy’s West Side took a picture […]