George Washington’s birthday

With today, February 22nd, being George Washington’s birthday, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday being February 12th, and honoring President’s Day this past Monday, I thought many of you may enjoy three facts about the three Presidents who during their lives resided in our State.  Hope you enjoy a little bit of history in these tidbits.

This Friday evening

Dear All, This Friday evening, February 21st, Indianapolis Public Library CEO Jackie Nytes is coming to the west side for a discussion of library services.  This is part of CEO Nytes’ “Love Your Library” annual tour.  Since our Wayne Branch is currently closed for renovation this visit will take place at the Ben Davis High […]

Sweet Places

Dear All,   Do you have a “sweet tooth”?  Maybe you like to visit unique places around Indiana.  Check out the next list of “The 20 in 20”.  Some of you may be like me and have visited some of these places in the past.  Our State has a wide variety of businesses, events, and […]