Biking / Walking

Dear All, Looking for something to do while you are at home?  Taking a bike ride around our neighborhood, adjoining neighborhoods, and on the trail has become a daily activity of mine.  It is a way to do something alone (or with a member of your household), get great exercise, be outside enjoying the springtime […]

 Voter Registration Deadline

  Dear All, Many of you have most likely heard that the Primary Election scheduled for May 5th has now been moved to June 2nd.  Other related changes and their dates are as follows: Monday, May 4th:  Voter Registration Deadline Tuesday, May 5th:  Early Voting Begins in Person Thursday, May 14th:  Traveling Boards Begin Thursday, May 21st:  Deadline for […]

Indy Indians

Dear All, If you have children or grandchildren in the second through eighth grades, the Indianapolis Indians have put out activity books you may download that are grade appropriate.  After looking through all three booklets, I thought this would be something well worth sharing.  This is a great way to learn more about baseball and […]

Speedway Meetings

Dear All, Below is information not only about public meetings that take place in Speedway, but also information about their library, schools, restaurants, and some other businesses in their Town.  I thought this information was worth sharing with all of you since so many of us do business in Speedway. Sincerely, Janice McHenry   Town […]