Clean up

Our second annual “Before the Super Bowl Cleanup” was a huge success, with 22 volunteers coming out to help on what was a beautiful day.

We even had a group of four Pike Firefighters take time to come and help.

It is always fun to talk about some of the interesting finds that are discovered.  Not everything you find would you want to take a picture of like this one.  

Some volunteers were finishing up an area and getting bags put together so they could be picked up later.

As this cleanup was finished, I would like to thank everyone once more who came out to help.  Together we really did make a difference in the area!  I would also like to encourage others to either join us next time, organize your own cleanup with your neighborhood, church, businesses or other group, or pick up a small bag of trash next time you go for a walk or run.  If we all pitched in and helped we would have a much cleaner and more attractive west side.


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