District 6 Crime Report

Dear All,

Attached is our first District 6 Crime Report of 2018.  The good news is that we had less incidents during January than any month since last March.   Hopefully we will keep trending down in this year.  Remember, our total for 2017 was lower than the total for 2016, so lets work together to get 2018 down even further.  I often wonder how few of incidents we could have if people would follow safety tips?

Looking at the incidents on the map I see a lot of stolen vehicles.  Please see the attached Crime Prevention Message about warming up vehicles.  Feel free to print this off and post it at an office, community area, etc.  While January was extremely cold, warming up a vehicle when you are not in it can be an invitation for a thief to steal it or youth taking it for a joy ride.  While the extremely cold weather should be behind us, we still have cold mornings or may have snow and ice on windshields.  Don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle running while unattended!

Another tip that if we all follow, and encourage those around us (in our neighborhoods, work, parks, church, school, or any other parking lots) to follow as well, is to keep our vehicles locked and leave nothing in them of value.  I hear far too often about someone leaving an item of value in their vehicle and getting it stolen.  Please always lock your vehicle when it is parked and don’t leave anything of value in it – or something that looks like it could be of value (like a coat, sack, bag, etc).  By all of us locking our vehicles and not leaving anything in sight we may discourage would be criminals from our neighborhoods and area.

If your neighborhood is interested in a Crime Watch Meeting, please contact Kim Taylor, our Northwest District IMPD Crime Watch Specialist at 317-327-6572 or by email at Kim.Taylor@indy.gov.  She would be glad to help you get one set up.  A Crime Watch Meeting is well worth everyone’s time.

Don’t forget:  If you See Something, Say Something – Call 911.  Don’t hesitate calling 911 if something does not seem right to you.  You know your neighborhoods and area best.  So, if it doesn’t look or hear right to you, call 911 and report it right away.

Please feel free to forward this report to others who may be interested and may not be on my email list.  Let’s all work together by doing what we can to make our homes, neighborhoods, and area safer.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6         

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