Dear All,

The “Great Indy Cleanup” is officially starting this weekend.  Last weekend a group got a head start by working on 34th Street organized by Father Michael at Saint Gabriel’s Church.  Looking at the KIB Website and from those who have informed me about their cleanups, I know that we have at least 6 more groups that are going to be working hard to get litter and trash picked up in our district.  They are:  April 7th – Clermont and Sunningdale Commons; April 14th – Eagle Creek Woods I & II and The Islands; April 21st – The Ridge; April 28th – Eagle Creek Park Causeway and West 56th Street.  Thanks so much for your interest in making our City cleaner.

I have two areas that asked me to let you know about their cleanups, as they do a huge area and would appreciate volunteers, especially if you live close to the areas they are concentrating on cleaning:

Clermont ~ 9 a.m. – noon ~ Meet at Miller Park (on the east side of Tansel Road just north of Crawfordsville Road, you may park at the old PNC Bank on the northeast corner of Tansel and Crawfordsville Road) ~ one area they are cleaning up is Tansel Road north to Raceway Road.

Eagle Creek Woods I & II ~ 9:30 a.m. ~ Meet at the corner of Reed Road and Wood Stream Drive ~ they clean up Reed Road from 46th Street to 56th Street and depending on the number of people helping may also do along 56th Street.

Also, I want remind you of Brittany Davis (Eagle Creek Park Manager) and my annual cleanup on April 28th.  We will be starting at 9 a.m. and working until noon on 56th Street from the Causeway west to Raceway Road.  We will be meeting at the Eagle Creek Park Office.  The flyer for this is attached.  We would appreciate as many of you coming out that day as possible.  The area needs a lot of work, and with your help we can accomplish our goal of getting this entire stretch clean.

Thanks to everyone who has organized cleanups, has participated in cleanups, or are planning on participating in one coming up.  I would also like to thank those of you who have been going out on your own or with a few friends and selected an area to clean up.  That is so helpful.  I encourage those who walk, jog, walk your dog, etc. to take a grocery sack with you and fill it up with trash.  If everyone would do that on a regular basis we would not have all the debris we now have throughout the City.  Let’s concentrate on making our area the cleanest in the City and set an example for others!

One other thing.  Today when I was out and about I notice how many new pot holes have appeared over the last few days, many that had not already been filled have gotten worse, and how some that had been filled came out.  This weather has been doing a lot more damage lately – with ups and downs in temperature and now with the flooding.  Please report pot holes that you have seen or discovered to the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) by calling 317-327-4622, by accessing, or by using the RequestIndy smartphone app.  They only are aware of them if they are reported and they have to be reported to the MAC for them to go into the system.  Thanks to to everyone for your help in getting our potholes reported.  Now if only the weather would cooperate!

Be safe in this weather and remember not to drive through water.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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