crime report

Dear All,

Attached are the crime reports for both March and April.  They were just able to get these to me this week, so they are both coming out together.

Our number of incidents have been very consistent this year, with every month in the 70’s.  We are down in the number of incidents from last year, but up slightly from 2016.  By us all being aware of our surroundings, doing precautions to keep ourselves, our families, and our property safer, and looking out for others we can make our district safer.

Unfortunately there seems to be more incidents in the summertime when schools are out and sometimes we are a little less cautious in locking doors, locking cars, or leaving tools, bikes, and toys outside.  Please keep that in mind as schools wind down their year, the weather is nice, and we are outside more.  Don’t be a victim of a larceny, home burglary, or car jacking.  Please follow these tips:

  • Always keep your car locked, this includes in a driveway or street in front of a house as well as when you are shopping, at a business, in a park, church, or any other public place.
  • Never leave anything of value in your car or anything that looks like it could be covering (like a jacket or sack) something of value or have something of value in it.
  • Always lock the doors of your home as well as windows, especially those on the first floor.  This includes when you are at home or outside.
  • Keep your garage door closed.  Even when working out in the yard and you are not in the garage or in front of the garage.
  • Don’t leave any tools, lawn mowers, leave blowers, edgers, etc. outside.  Even for a brief moment, as that is all it takes for something to disappear.
  • Remind children (and adults, too) to not leave bikes, skateboards, scooters, and other toys or sports equipment in the yard or driveway.  Keep them in the house or garage.  Also, when you or your children have friends who ride their bikes to visit, lock their bikes in your garage while they are there.  Don’t leave them in the driveway either.
  • When you are in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or trail, or walking around in a store, etc. – keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings.  I heard this tip on the radio the other day – don’t be looking down at the ground or be distracted by a cell phone.  Watch where you are going and who is around you.  

Remember – call 911 if you see something that doesn’t seem right to you.  You know your neighborhood and the places that you go on a regular basis.  Don’t hesitate calling 911 if something doesn’t seem right to you.  While you need to call 911 if something is happening now, if it is not happening now you may call the non-emergency number at 317-327-3811.  By reporting suspicious activity immediately you may keep a crime from happening or help the police find who committed a crime.

Let’s all work together to make our district safer and not see an increase in incidents over the summer.  Follow safety tips, be aware of your surroundings, and if you see something – say something by calling 911.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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