“Pack the Parks”

Indy Parks held their annual “Pack the Parks” day on June 30th.  Eagle Creek Park was packed and people enjoyed the many activities that were offered.  Outside the Ornithology Center the staff showed different birds (including a Turkey Vulture).  This gave people a chance to really see and learn more like this group is doing.

 Everyone enjoys watching the owl, especially if he turns his head.

 The Earth Discovery Center held a lot of activities for children.  Here they are learning about different types of caterpillars as they “create” some of their own.

 Developing motor skills with a nature theme was another activity.

 Under one of the shelters at the beach was a popular Yoga class.  Councillor McHenry and one of the park employees had their picture taken with the class and the reservoir as the background.

Our City Parks are great places to visit.  They are each unique in their own way and offer a wide range of things to do, see, learn, and enjoy.  There are 211 parks in the Indy Parks system.  We have quite a few in our district or close to us.  Visit one today!


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