Eagle Creek Park

 Eagle Creek Park is a “Winter Wonderland” after a snowfall, and Sunday was no exception with snow still clinging to the trees.

 Some folks enjoying cross country skiing with the amount of snow that had fallen.

 Several people had built snowmen throughout the park, including this one that a family built by the playground.

 This squirrel was looking all around after digging through the snow.

However, the highlight had to be outside the Ornithology Center watching the birds have lunch.

 What a lot of different kinds you could observe.

 The birds didn’t seem to mind us watching and taking pictures.

 This female cardinal really was enjoying her lunch.



 A male cardinal sat in a tree nearby and watched what was going on.  There certainly is plenty to see and do, so hopefully many of you will be able to enjoy the beauty of our Eagle Creek Park soon as well.

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