Taste of Speedway



The “Taste of Speedway” was held recently in Dallara Indycar Factory on
Main Street in Speedway.  Restaurants and others had booths that
highlighted different food and drinks from businesses in Speedway.
Councillor Janice McHenry and Councillor Marilyn Pfisterer joined
together to have a booth.



The “Taste of Speedway” was a very well attended event.  Those who
were there had the opportunity to try samples of a lot of delicious
foods.  Councillor McHenry enjoyed having the chance to chat with
constituents who were there.



This was a very successful event and a lot of fun for those who
were in attendance.  Councillor McHenry thought it was a great way to
visit with so many of those who stopped by for a chat

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