“Little Library”

 Have you noticed the “Little Library” recently at Faculty Park?  Let me tell you the story:

 Noticing several “Little Libraries” is other areas of District 6, Councillor McHenry and her husband thought that Faculty Park would make an excellent location for one.  So Councillor McHenry’s husband studied others and built this one in their garage.

 The post, cement, tools all got loaded into the car.

  Councillor McHenry and her husband had worked with Indy Parks for the location.  Along with the help of a neighbor the work on placing it began.  The post hole was dug……

The post placed in the hole, cement put in the hole, and post leveled.

Dirt was spread back around and then the post was allowed to set up over night.

 The next day the library was brought over and carefully place on the post.

It was carefully attached to the post.

 Councillor McHenry had brought books to get it going,

 and a resident close by stopped and  brought books as well.

The “Little Library” was ready.  It has been a huge success and is being used by the neighbors and those who use Faculty Park.

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