Want to vote early this year?

Dear All,
Want to vote early this year?  There are several options in order to do that:
  • Currently you may vote at the City-County Building downtown.  Please see the attached for hours that they are open each day.
  •  You may also vote at Krannert Park starting this weekend.  Krannert Park is located 605 S. High School Road (outside I – 465 between Rockville Road and Washington Street).  The hours that they will be open are on the second attachment.  There are also three other early voting locations that are listed on the attachment.  You may vote at any one of them.
  • You may still mail in an application to vote absentee.  The deadline for them to receive your application is October 28th, which is Monday.  I would get it in the mail no later than Friday, but it may also be emailed or faxed.

Hope this is helpful if you need or want to vote early.  For those of you who live in City-County Council District 6, I would appreciate your vote.

Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6
P.S.  I am not sure why Krannert Park is listed as Speedway, as it is not in Speedway.  I don’t want anyone confused as to it’s location.  Krannert Park is on the west side of I – 465 (outside of I – 465) on South High School Road.  It is south of Rockville Road (U.S. 36) north of both Morris Street and Washington Street (U.S. 40).  Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the location and was not thinking it actually was in Speedway or the vicinity of Speedway on High School Road.  Hope this clarification is helpful if you plan to vote at an Early Vote Center Satellite site.

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